S4-A02 | Diraks & Derelicts

rapture02The party left their squat in Crux after concocting a plan to travel to the mysterious object in its polar solar orbit highlighted on Laya Bogana’s navchip. A shuttle rental seemed like a logical choice and the pricing was reasonable. Only two hitches, no money and local news was reporting that several diraks (see below) were loose on the tarmac at the Crux starport, which meant everyone was grounded. The party killed two birds with one stone by taking a job with animal control clearing up the dirak problem at the starport. They also hedged there bets by milking the merchants at the port for more cash to fix the problem.

With iZac driving a borrowed cargo mover the gang set out on the tarmac to attempt to get the diraks to chase them to a pen with waiting animal control and starport staff. After some crazy-bad driving, a few lucky blaster rounds, and Kit-Kaat rocking some awesome mnemonic axe action splitting one dirak in twain they captured three of the diraks that they managed not to kill to the pen. The starport and the merchants paid dearly and our heroes had fare for a shuttle rental, which they promptly attended to. Poor Silas missed out on some betting action among the merchants though.

After a couple of days travel they reached the mysterious object to find that it was a ship, a small transport named the Redshift Rapture. Only a very minor energy signal was coming from it suggesting it was shut down and the horizon reactor was cold. They docked and established a seal between the airlocks. With some quick hacking by Tor they had access. Silas and Kit-Kaat boarded. After cycling the airlock a foul stench of death filled the stale air. With no power on board, they are trying to figure out the best course of action.

Dirak 3 (9)

A dirak is a large six-legged reptile found in many locations throughout the galaxy. While wild diraks are viscious creatures, they can be domesticated trained as a mount.
Motive: Hungers for flesh; If domesticated, serves as mount
Environment: Wherever they can hunt food, in packs of four to ten
Health: 15
Damage Inflicted: 4 points
Armor: 1
Movement: Short
Modifications: Perception level 5; attacks and Speed defense as level 4 due to quickness; overcoming obstacles and figuring out tricks as level 4.
Combat: When a dirak bites its prey, the victim takes damage and must make a Might defense roll. On a failure, the dirak pins its prey with it’s front claws and the victim must use Might actions and defenses to free itself or the dirak continues to bite and cause more damage during its turn.
Interaction: Vicious, cunning, and a little too smart to be classified as simple predators, these creatures are likely to work in a pack using strategy to corner prey. They will not give quarter, or back off from a fight.

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