Dolmyranths are stocky humanoids that stand somewhat shorter than the average human does, around 1.6 meters. They are physically different from most humanoids in that they have four arms. Dolmyranth skin is various shades of blue. They are hairier than humans and have hair that ranges from auburn to brown to blue-black, and four pale blue, yellow, or black eyes. Dolmyranths usually sport thick facial hair of varying length and style. Most other species find it incredibly difficult to discern dolmyranth males from females. In fact, there is very little physiological difference and they rarely acknowledge gender.

The dolmyranth physiology is deceptive as they are unusually spry for their stature. They evolved on a high-gravity world orbiting Raef, a bright white star in the Corrmiama Sector. They are a proud species known for their prowess with a blade. Dolmyranth family and society structures requires that individuals live by a strict code of honor. You must specify what the code entails, with approval by the GM. Codes of honor can be as simple as “Help the poor whenever possible” or “Never kill” to more complex and baroque sets of rules for living.

Improved nervous system: +5 to your Speed Pool.
Extra limbs: You may wield two light weapons at once and attack with each weapons once per action.

Code of honor: (See description above) You must make an Intellect roll with difficulty determined by the GM to complete tasks that deviate from your personal code of honor. If you fail, you take 2 points of Intellect damage.
Psionically inept: Difficulty of Intellect tasks involving psionics including defending against them are increased by two steps.

Typical Names
Althaea, Armarynth, Arrym, Arrano, Bellyna, Bollin, Derenthi, Derynth, Erevon, Gallin, Gallyna, Hadrador, Immaro, Jillmarynth, Kuarom, Leshathi, Minyrthis, Myrrana, Naivalla, Therrynthi