Tor Valds

Tor Valds is an Inquisitive Alhuri Savant who Fuses Mind and Machine
Player: Will T.
– Singled out at young age for his almost inherent skill with computers and data systems.

– Sent to the data mines of Deep South Positronics, a megacorp on the planet Vixie Cron IV.

– Escaped with small crew of gifted allies.

– Sole survivor of escape.

– Joined with K’Daddio and others, logs found here:

– Still looking for a ship named the Pride of Parlax for a delivery.
     Goods: Statue of the Dolmyranth goddess Arthima
     Recipient: Dr. Tarus Spek

– Departed for the Sorvin Cluster.

– Boarded (unavoidable), undeclared/illegal cargo found.

– Ship and cargo confiscated, crew separated and detained.

– Imprisoned without fellow crew at the penal colony on Yubodan Gant in the Aur’leya system.