The harvendi are massive leonine humanoids covered in short striped or spotted fur that ranges in color from yellows and oranges to deep coals and blacks. They have two narrow, wide-set eyes that are nearly always brown or black in color and have three pupils each arranged in a row. Their ears are small, pointed, and lay close to their skull and their noses are broad and flat. They stand nearly three meters tall and, despite their feline appearance, lack a tail, vestigial or not.

The original harvendi homeworld is lost to history but many consider the Sanctum System home. They usually lead peaceful, contemplative lives on this idyllic world on the galactic rim far from the bustling worlds closer to the core. However, when a harvendi goes adventuring their talent for combat shines. Every harvendi takes a sacred vow on entering adulthood. Vows can be as simple as “Never allow another to suffer when I can help” to swearing to complete a complex quest of retrieving an artifact from a remote and dangerous world. Discuss this vow with your GM.

Improved musculature: +5 to your Might Pool.

Vow: (See description above) When your character is distracted from their vow by other matters, difficulty of all Intellect tasks is increased by one step until they steer themselves (and possibly the party) back on track.

Typical Female Names
Barcomas, Darseen, Dejah, Gozava, Issus, Morsas, Pimalia, Sarjoka, Talu, Zodanga

Typical Male Names
Aanthor, Banth, Dastor, Dusar, Gurtus, Haad, Kalkus, Odwar, Ptarth, Vaskor