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Session 005: The Sorvinese Navchip

The party managed to sidestep gunships at the edge of the Sol System by dumping the graviton impeller power into the hyperdrive of the Luxoth’s Wing. They defeated Cryom Dehesh – though Dehesh escaped – and his thugs parading around as port authority agents at Coalsack Port Station on Redeera. They befriended the real Sub-Portmaster Zirr Warteth, and repaired the ship in record time. They made their way to Parlax in the Mindahi System to explore the wonders of the Port Maradin arcology.

The PCs are still looking for a ship named the Pride of Parlax to deliver a gift (a statue of the Dolmyranth goddess Arthima) to one Dr. Tarus Spek. Things got bogged down at Maradin while trying to discover the location of the Pride of Parlax. In their misadventures deep down inside the arcology, CHE3000 discovered the wonders of The Pith Hole, a galaxy-wide franchise of sleazy night/sex clubs that cater exclusively to archeology fetishist furries in pith helmets.

The Pride of Parlax was slated to land at Mindahi Prime but diverted course suddenly and made a hyperspace jump. If their source can be trusted, the ship is believed to be in or near the Sorvin Cluster, a tight star cluster with four inhabited systems under the theocratic dictatorial rule of a dolmyranth religious sect known as the Sorvin Collective.

The party is currently preparing to depart for the Sorvin Cluster.

Session 004: The Sorvinese Navchip

CHE3000 and Philo joined the party at Xanthe.

The PCs are approached, once again by the zaal antiquities dealer Gesh Harthon, to transport an ancient statuette of the dolmyranth goddess Arthima. It is intended as a gift for a human xenoarcheologist acquaintance of Harthon’s, one Dr. Tarus Spek. Spek’s last known location was on a small civilian freighter bound for the Mindahi System by way of another system in the Coalsack Nebula. Harthon wants the PCs to take one of his personal ships, a small hyperspace personnel transport named Luxoth’s Wing, to catch up with his associate and deliver the statuette at either of those ports. They haggled the price to 3000 Cr up front, 8000 Cr on return of an undamaged Luxoth’s Wing, and 4000 Cr on return of a slightly more used Luxoth’s Wing.

En route they have found the stripped and graffiti-covered wreckage of the Toreador 86-XX fought a nest of vacspiders that had taken it over and looted anything that was left, inadvertently setting it into a wild spin off into space. Currently, they are headed toward the edge of the Sol System, charging the hyperdrive for the jump to the Coalsack Nebula.