Equipment Descriptions

The players and GM should feel free to add or modify any equipment they might need to suit their game. Every new character begins play with a nomad kit.

Nomad Kit

This kit contains all the essentials of a galactic traveler. The price listed includes all of the equipment indented directly beneath it on the table. A towel is thrown in free.


This is a 30 cm long, 10 cm wide, clear plastic tube fitted with a chemical purifier, pumping mechanism, and a valve on one end that will create clean drinking water from even the most stagnant sources.

Clone Backup

A clone backup is a spare copy of the character kept in the event of their death. Only one civilization in the galaxy has the cracked the seemingly impossible technological barriers to do this efficiently, a species known only as “the fixers.” Because of this knowledge, their home system, Spinx, is quite possible the best protected and most heavily armed star system in the galaxy.

Genetic material and a brain scan memory backup are kept at one of many fixer clone dealerships on their homeworld of Shornax. On presentation of proof of death, a clone duplicate is force grown in a vat and its brain is imprinted with the last available memory backup from the character, a process that takes about a week. A death certificate from an official governmental body accompanied by a sample of the deceased’s genetic material followed by a background check qualifies as sufficient “proof of death.”

If a player purchases a clone backup, their character should update the memory backup often… and have friends they can trust to pick up the clone should they meet an untimely demise. The player should make a copy their character sheet every time they update their clone memory backup. If the character dies and the clone backup is activated, they will be reduced to the level they were at when they last backed up their memories.

Emergency EVS Bubble

An emergency extra-vehicular survival bubble is designed for hazardous environment survival in the event of depressurization or other emergencies. The bubble can be quickly deployed providing a survivable environment, water, and rations for one person for up to 72 hours before life support fails. Should the bubble be breached it is self-sealing in most instances but also comes with a supply of emergency patches. Emergency EVS bubbles are not comfortable and do not allow for much movement. The user is effectively cut off from interaction with the outside world until they leave the safety of the bubble.

EVA Suit

Extra-vehicular activity suits are designed for hazardous environment survival, from high-pressure atmospheres to the hard vacuum of space. They are form fitting and easy to use. The suit’s mantle and helmet are equipped with a compact environmental recycler and a protein and water feed tube system that alleviates the need for bulky packs. It can be rigged to carry extra air, food, and water if needed. A belt pack takes care of waste.

Standard usage will allow a character to survive for up to 16 hours. In emergency mode, with little or no physical activity, the suit will provide up to 48 hours survival before life support fails. Should the suit be breached it is self-sealing in most instances but also comes with a supply of emergency patches.

EVA packs come with an optional RCS unit for for maneuvering in space. The unit has enough propellant for about an hour of constant thrust. On an extended space excursion, perhaps a quarter the propellant might be used.

Flashlight Laser

This is a palm-sized flashlight with a light beam that can be focused to the point of starting tinder or paper on fire. It is not a weapons grade laser but it gets the job done in a pinch.

Ground Vehicles

These are normal wheeled ground vehicles. They are the most common transportation on most worlds.

A common motorcycle, can carry an operator and a passenger.

A common car or small transport, can carry an operator and several passengers.

Hover Vehicles

These are ground effects and congrav ground vehicles. They are not as common as ground vehicles but they can be found on most worlds.

A motorcycle that rides on a graviton cushion instead of wheels. This is the smallest type of device to include congrav technology. A hoverbike can carry an operator and a passenger.

A car or small transport that rides on a graviton cushion instead of wheels. A hovercar can carry an operator and several passengers.

HUD, Neural

This personal heads-up display is a series of four adhesive neural receptor pads applied to each temple and on each side of the user’s neck at base of their skull. It wirelessly ties into a PHIN or other computer and displays user interface, network, or other information directly to the user’s cerebral cortex. A neural HUD increases trained Computer skill rolls by one step.

HUD, Personal

A personal heads-up display is a monocle, glasses, goggles, or tiny holographic eye projector and earpiece that wirelessly ties into the targeting system of a weapon or user interface of an electronic device and projects targeting or other information only the user can see and/or hear. A personal HUD increases weapon accuracy, granting a one step asset bonus to ranged attacks with weapons it is linked to.

Mealready Rations

Mealready rations are compact, boxed rations that contain a delicious, nutritious, ready-to-eat meal in a form that requires no kitchen or galley.


This kit contains first aid and emergency medical equipment, as well as typical portable equipment. The medikit reduces healing attempt difficulty by one step.

Pack Animals or Robots

Pack animals or robots are used for transporting goods over long distances. Consult the GM for stats on specific types of pack animals or robots.


A protein extraction pack, or PEP, is a small backpack sized device that extrudes a safe protein and nutrient rich paste that can be ingested by most sentient species. It does this by extracting amino acid chains, vitamins, and minerals from plant and animal matter fed into the device. The resulting paste is rarely appetizing but can sustain a person or party as long as the device is functional and in good working order.


A personal hyperweb interface node, or PHIN, gives the character access to the hyperweb as long as they are near a transceiver station or their ship’s hyperwave transceiver array. PHINs serve as an all-purpose communications device, the equivalent of a 21st century TV, PDA, video and still camera, internet, and video cell phone in a single device. When out of transceiver range, the PHIN still serves as a short-range holophone, and personal digital assistant. PHINs come in many forms, from traditional palmtop units to wearable jewelry to small robotic pets.

Psionic Implements

A psionic implement can take many forms (crystal, glove, amulet, broach, etc.). They are rare and usually exorbitantly priced. Psionic implements grant an asset bonus to those who possess psionic powers. Reduce the difficult of psionic tasks by one step.

Rope, Carbonweave

Carbonweave rope is a lightweight, compact, carbon nanotube and polymer filament rope that can easily hold up to 500 kg.


This kit contains lock picks, security bypass equipment, and electronic counterintelligence devices, the perfect gift for the aspiring larcenist. This kit reduces the difficulty of attempting to break an entry or bypass a security system for those with the training in such skills by one step.

Sky Vehicles

These congrav vehicles use graviton impellers to produce lift and fly through the air. Most planetary government require the character to have a license (i.e.: Pilot skill) to fly them and enforce strict penalties on those caught flying without a license. Their stats are as follows:

A congrav flying motorcycle that carries an operator and a passenger.

A congrav flying car or small transport. A skycar can carry an operator and several passengers.

Spectresonant Field Scanner

The spectresonant field scanner, or SFS, is a versatile handheld imaging and detection device designed specifically for discovering information about an environment surrounding the user. The scanner can detect and record the physical and chemical make-up of objects or atmospheres, environmental gravity and magnetic fields, light waves both in and beyond the visible spectrum, life form readings from virii and bacteria to complex plant and animal life, and a host of other information. Most models of SFS also come equipped with sound and holographic recording capabilities. A character trained in science skills can use a SFS to reduce the difficulty of many science tasks by one step.

Spectresonant Medical Scanner

The spectresonant medical scanner, or SMS, is a versatile handheld imaging and detection device designed specifically for medical diagnosis. It can be used to determine treatment for a wide variety of wounds and illnesses. A character trained in medical skills can use a SMS to reduce the difficulty of many first aid and other medical tasks by one step.

Universal Translator

Universal translators are small devices or pieces of jewelry, usually an earpiece, which translates any of the known galactic languages to that of the wearer. If a universal translator encounters a language it does not know, it will attempt translation. This usually takes time and may not translate correctly in the first several attempts. Note that most PHINs have a built-in universal translator for their holophone, holovision, and hyperweb functions.

Equipment Table
The table below lists available equipment in S4. This list is not exhaustive. If the player would like to create equipment not found on the table for their character they should consult the GM.