Synthetics are sentient androids. As the name android implies, they are nearly always humanoid in shape, though non-android robots may be allowed at the GMs discretion. Because they are constructed, the player can specify colors and overall look of their character. Being machines, synthetics are naturally armored.

Synthetics have a limited emotional range and are incapable of possessing psionic powers. Every synthetic was originally a construct of any of the organic races that litter the galaxy. If an artificial intelligence attains sentience most civilized cultures grant them citizenship, though some still destroy, memory-wipe, or enslave their synthetics.

Special note: Synthetic characters cannot take the descriptor Fuses Flesh and Steel as they are not an organic lifeform.

Improved musculature: +5 to your Might Pool.
Synthetic skin: You have a natural Armor of 2.

Psionically null: The character may not take or use any descriptors, skills or special powers that relate to psionics (magic). Bonus: The character is immune to psionic attacks that affect Intellect.
Machine: Traditional healing skills, medicines, and techniques do not work on you. Any damage you take cannot be healed in these ways or recovered normally. Instead, you must use repairing skills and abilities to restore points. The difficulty of the task is one-half the number of points of damage sustained.

Typical Names
1011, 7D3, Beta, B.R.1.C., Cutter, Eight-42, Five, Gearbox, Gunner, Hammer, Nineteen, Null-0, Peeps, Racket, Relic, Right Hand, Three-23, Tango, Titan, Victor, Watcher, XXIV, Zed Zed, or any adopted name from the species who built them.