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Session 003: Noctis City Blues

K’Daddio has assumed Gesh Harthon is behind stealing his (Larz Ventricule’s) cargo cache and that the party transported it back to him in Noctis City Blues. The players went to the ruins of Aquaria Playland, but did not directly confront the Concierge. Other secrets may lie hidden there as well.

K’Daddio was pickpocketed at Fezenkov by a gobban with pitch black skin and a white tat on her scalp and down her neck.

Two parties boarded Aquaria in the last two months, one seems to be a solitary zaal that went straight to the Concierge. The other was a party of two humans, two gobbans, and a dolmyranth that brought in one large case and left with it.

The party is currently in Xanthe on the Chryse Coast.

Session 002: Noctis City Blues

The party has completed the cargo retrieval job for Gesh Harthon though did not find the geonavchip leading to the Toreador cache. They have returned to Noctis. Harthon hints that he may have more work for the party. This job will get the characters off-planet. Harthon has a ship they can use but it’s undergoing repairs and will not be available for several days. Duc has taken possession of Kee’At No’Saktee’s (slilan male gang leader) flak vest.