Zaal are short, slight-built hairless humanoids with disproportionately large heads, two large almond-shaped black eyes, and smooth gray or gray green skin. They have two small nostrils for a nose and a tiny slit of a mouth with no externally visible ears aside from a small hole on each side of their head. The average zaal stands 1.4 meters tall. Zaal sexes are indistinguishable.

Zaal are highly intelligent and excel at engineering, tinkering, and salvage. They are known for their keen logic and lack of strong emotions. The zaal homeworld is in the Zeta Reticuli System and is heavily populated by humans. The zaal are tied to humanity through a long and strange history of accidents, abductions, wars, and colonization. The native name of their system’s stars is long forgotten.

Improved nervous system: +5 to your Speed Pool.
Improved mind: +5 to your Intellect Pool.

Weakened: The difficulty of all Might defense tasks is increased by one step.
Conquered (humans): When interacting with humans, the difficulty of all Intellect tasks is increased by two step.

Typical Names
Arja, Balthar, Bahresh, Bihri, Dareel, Gesh, Harya, Heskan, Krinath, Koreel, Medthahar, Naljan, Patresh, Rothan, Shem, Shedath, Sorsha, Suvri, Thaleel, Torran