The alhuri are an ancient and graceful humanoid species. They average 1.9 meters tall and are thin with slightly elongated limbs, slightly pointed ears ending in short antennae, and six delicate antennae sprouting from their forehead sweeping back over their hair. Their skin is translucent and pale pink to olive and they have two wide round, golden, silver, or copper colored eyes. Alhuri have less facial and body hair than humans and their hair color is usually black, pale yellow, or silver.

Alhuri are extremely long lived, though fragile, they also require a helium supplement to survive in standard nitrogen-oxygen environments and carry a compact breather that releases helium around their face. The alhuri’s native world was destroyed centuries ago in a conflict that most will not discuss. Fewer in number than most races, they can still be found almost everywhere across the galaxy. Many Alhuri have a penchant for psionics use.

Improved mind: +5 to your Intellect Pool.

Fragile: The difficulty of all Might and Speed defense tasks is increased by one step.

Typical Female Names
Aisae, Deshir, Kelenna, Mira, Naeic, Rue, Sarriel, Selshae, Vallina, Zara

Typical Male Names
Aronn, Athrol, Beel, Cryom, Isec, Merross, Pollan, Sovello, Thirr, Zel