Though there is no central or large-scale government in the galaxy, among the millions of multi-stellar corporations and banking institutions there are a few galaxy-wide organizations of note.


Apollyon is the best-known brand name in the galaxy. This corporation (or one of their thousands of subsidiaries) produces everything from hot sauce to hyperdrives. Every retailer carries Apollyon products. Their amusement resort in orbit around Coregate IV is the most popular tourist destination in the galaxy.

Ares Marshals

The Ares Marshals are, quite possibly, the best-known law enforcement agency in the galaxy. While their jurisdiction does not cover anything beyond the Sol System, they seem to have a knack for always bagging their quarry. The Marshals originated on Mars during one of the many uprisings against Earth control of the planet in the early days of human space colonization. They were a crack team of law enforcement officers sent to find and escort criminals back to the Martian courts after extradition from other worlds. Since that time, they have expanded into a large and very well equipped mercenary army. While still loyal to, and employed by, the government of Sol on Mars, they will gladly work for the highest bidder provided the job does not conflict with Sol System interests.

Fiscal Standardization Authority

The FSA is an organization established by the financial and banking institutions across tens of thousands of worlds. They are responsible for maintaining a standardized financial market among the multitude of disparate starfaring worlds in the galaxy. They are the creators and backers of the credit (Cr) monetary unit as a galactic standard for trade. While most banks and merchants will accept the credit, trade in precious metals, and bartered goods is also widespread.

Harvendi Monastic Fleet

Second only to the Ares Marshals, the Harvendi Monastic Fleet is one of the greatest military and law enforcement agencies in the Milky Way. Formed in the early days of the Harvendi Diaspora, today this force is serenely brutal and not to be trifled with. While their legal jurisdiction extends no further than the Sanctum System, the monks of the Monastic Fleet are known to practice their quiet and efficient methods throughout the galaxy. Whether it be criminal retrieval, subterfuge, picket actions, full-on military assault, or other services, the Fleet is available to any galactic citizen or organization that wishes to make a generous donation to their order.


The Galactic Trade Guild is a loose confederation of merchants and traders that provide information, business, and other beneficial aid to one another. It is the single most widespread organization in known space. Anyone crossing a member in good standing of the GTG could find it very hard to do business in the galaxy.

The Trust

This shadowy group is only ever mentioned in whispers. Their denizens, or those that intimate that they are, can be found on the seedy underbelly of any starport or colony world. Many believe that they pull the strings of trade on every civilized world. Others think that they are simply overblown petty thugs. If there is illicit business involved, The Trust has its fingers in it… if they exist at all.