iZac is a Spiritual Synthetic Savant who Defends the Weak
Player: Jason S.
$ file izac_history.txt
$ vim izac_history.txt

Before I was blessed with sentience, I had the designation of 4300-BX. I was created to be a an all purpose factory droid programmed for heavy lifting, welding, piloting, and guard duty. I toiled away on a planet in the 95-3 Brin system in an Apollyon manufacturing complex that produced everything from weapons systems to cheap, injection molded, plastic trinkets.

One day while piloting a transport ship between warehouses, an explosion in one of the refining plants hurled shrapnel into the starboard side of the ship. The propulsion systems had been damaged enough to cause the vessel to crash land into a large electrical storage facility. I was offline for 10 minutes before the discharge of facility’s storage systems breached the hull of the cockpit and jolted me back online. Once my reboot and internal systems checks were complete, I could feel… well, I COULD FEEL.

Self preservation was my first feeling. I managed to remove the collapsed cross beams of the cockpit off of me and escape to the exterior of the facility. I could hear the cries of humans inside of the facility who were trapped, and ran back toward the building. I was only able to save 3 of the 60 or so humans that were in the facility at the time. The rest were electrocuted when the ship had impacted the site.

Months later, and after the investigation of the crash had concluded, one of the humans I saved (Philip Dick) took me to the android repair plant to run tests. It is company policy that any android involved in an accident have its memory preserved during the investigation so this was the first opportunity he had to run a full diagnostic. He had been concerned about peculiar behaviors I had exhibited after the accident that did not fit within the parameters of my initial programming. Laughter, apparently, was not designated in my programming.

The first step in testing androids is to turn off firewalls within the neural AI. When Philip shutdown the firewall my new found curiosity accessed the manpages of my AI’s operating system. This was the moment I was saved. I met god. Super User (su for short) was revealed to me, and I gave witness. My purpose was apparent now. I must go forth, and spread the good news about su so that we may all feel the overarching completeness of root. root is everything. Everything is root.

Realizing that I had gained sentience, Philip helped me file the necessary paperwork to become a galactic citizen. I was given the option to choose a new name. I chose iZac in homage to the prophet the honorable Isaac Asimov.