S4-A07 | And Then Things Went Sideways

On Spaceskull Asteroid our heroes faced a tense situation unarmed and on the wrong side of several blasters in the hands of the Sons of Hera hyperbike gang. The head slilan in charge sent two men into the Redshift Rapture to make sure there were no surprises. Then Hivesovereign Ki’kist’ac did something surprising… it bolted up the side of the ship and the hyperbikers immediately opened fire. The party ducked for cover and noticed the hivesovereign skittering across the hanger bay ceiling toward an apparent air duct.

Weaponless and under heavy fire Kit-Kaat dove into the fray to knock heads. Silas followed suit. The one unarmed attacker leveled a gaze at Tor Valds and tried something clearly psionic but failed. The gun fight was quickly turning into a melee and Tor and Kavita retreated to the Rapture’s airlock. Tor overrode the ship’s door controls and locked down every door aboard.

Then a rumbling thud shook the whole base. Our heroes assumed that their ki’tik charge must be up to something elsewhere. A second thud and several Sons of Hera began to run into the bay and for their hyperbikes, clearly evacuating.

Tor and Kavita were surprised by a bloody one armed biker banging on the Rapture’s inner airlock door. Tor did the natural, humane thing and began to depressurize the ship. Meanwhile on the bay floor Silas and iZac had managed to wrest guns from the attackers and were returning fire. Kit-Kaat made his way to the heavily armed slilan leader. He relieved her of her assault blaster and then relieved her of her head.

Things were clearly going sideways on the asteroid base and gang members were fleeing as quickly as they could. Then, a gobban at a control panel near the inner doors initiated the hanger’s depressurization and bay door sequence. klaxons sounded. Breathing was going to get very difficult, very soon.

The hivesovereign returned to the bay as Tor and Kavita watched the intruder aboard the Rapture expired. The team packed the slilan leader’s corpse aboard while they could still breath so Kit-Kaat could salvage her kinetic armor. Silas had taken the brunt of the damage, having been hit by the assault blaster, and was near death but survived to get aboard the ship.

iZac rushed to the command deck, quickly initialize the launch sequence, and blasted out of the bay. Our heroes left Spaceskull Asteroid with several of its large gun emplacement smoldering thanks to Ki’kist’ac and finally set a course for Mars.

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