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Session 001: Noctis City Blues

The party has taken the cargo retrieval job from Gesh Harthon, been paid the 200 Cr retainer, and is currently at a skytruck wreck on the Arsai Desert. They’ve killed a pack of dune dogs there and just met by Ken Benobi who has told them about the wreck and enthralled Cyrus with the Suggest psionic power. He is suggesting the party come in and keep him company and will attempt to enthrall others as the encounter continues.

About Noctis City

Population: ~5500, mostly human.
Primary Industry: wheat & cotton farming, chicken, sheep, & beefalo ranching.
Other Notes: Small air & space port on the outskirts that private flights can be chartered.

End of the line for a maglev train station. A human (Berg Messing) and two synthetics (55-05 and B0N3S) run the station along with a small army of robot porters. Mostly cargo trains but there’s a passenger train that shows up every 5 days or so. Connections can be made through the crater city of Fesenkov to the north for other parts of the planet. Fare is 10Cr to Fesenkov.
Downtown is usually bustling around a spacious circular central square. The square has an aging statue of Valentine Smith, leader of the first colonial expedition to Mars. The statue is atop a fountain. That’s where all of the main activity and businesses are located in town. The whole settlement is laid out something like a wagon wheel from the square. Outside the square is primarily residential neighborhoods thinning into farms and ranches.

Points of Interest
Club Durga, “upscale” clientele. Mostly farm and ranch owners, Gesh Harthon, and F8. Bartenders paternal twins Chel & Aron, and their barback robot Chum.
Granger’s Tack, Feed, & Sundries run by a single proprietor, Theos Granger. His staff is entirely robotic.
Hermant Armaments sells guns and ammo, the prices run considerably higher than average. Proprietor: Hanz Hermant.
Surrounding farms and ranches spread out among the waterways of the Noctis Labyrinth which flows into the Marineris Sea.