Slilans are a fiery-tempered reptilian humanoid species that evolved on a warm, dry planet orbiting a red giant in the Dorado Expanse. The giant along with its blue companion star are known as Aur’leya. Though they are warm-blooded, slilans still prefer a hot and dry environment and other species are often uncomfortable aboard their vessels.

They resemble 2 meter tall humanoid lizards with tough, scaled skin that serves as natural armor. Their scales are mottled and range in color from tan to bright green to gray. They have long, non-prehensile tails and two large amber, green, or dark green eyes with cross-shaped pupils. Their faces sport slight snouts with a ridge of nasal passage running from their broad mouth to their forehead. Slilans are known for their persistent demeanor and hair-trigger anger.

Improved musculature: +5 to your Might Pool.
Tough hide: You have a natural Armor of 1.

Weak mind: The difficulty of all Intellect tasks is increased by one step.
Grumpy: The difficulty of all Intellect tasks related to diplomacy or related tasks is increased by one additional step.

Typical Female Names
Aal-ia, Bas-i, Caal-i, Ek-ia, Kel-ia, Lal-i, Sel-ia, Tar-ia, Vil-ia, Zaal-ia

Typical Male Names
Ba-Mat, Caat-Tak, Ek-At, Ek-Tos, Kee-Sik, Kee-At, See-At, Tik-Tak, Va-Tik, Zaat-Sik