Ki’tiks are insect-like humanoids. They possess a cool, near emotionless demeanor. They have spread far and wide across the galaxy over many centuries and the ki’tik homeworld is long forgotten. Their society is highly structured and they are usually well-organized and precise. When a ki’tik leaves the hive they often become insatiably curious adventurers though the initial separation from other ki’tik may be somewhat traumatic. They speak in clicks and clacks and have trouble communicating with those outside of their species. For that reason, ki’tiks are fitted with a cybernetic translation device from a very early age.

Ki’tiks stand 1.4 meters tall on average. They have four limbs which are each jointed in two places and their bodies are covered in a chitinous exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is shiny and mottled, ranging in color from green to brown to deep red. They have six large, shiny, golden or emerald, multifaceted eyes set on the sides of their head. Their mouth lies between their eyes and is surrounded by a complex series of mandibles. Ki’tiks are hermaphroditic egg-layers.

Exoskeleton: You have a natural Armor of 2.

Apathetic mind: The difficulty of all Intellect tasks related to diplomacy, fast-talking, lying, or related tasks is increased by two steps.

Typical Names
K’ask’t’si, Kitik’k’ka, Ksit’ta’ti, Skit’s’akakis, Tiks’k’skit… any combination of A, I, K, S, and T with two or three apostrophes interspersed throughout. Ki’tiks often take nicknames when working with other races as most have trouble pronouncing their names.