Gobbans are the smallest humanoid species in known space, standing around 0.75 meters tall on average. They have pale white to gray to pitch black mottled skin, four long pointed ears, and a dozen bright green, blue, or hazel eyes. They have high-pitched voices and a wide mouth full of multiple rows of tiny sharp teeth.

Gobbans seem to have a knack for trickery and thieving. The gobban homeworld is a barely habitable rock orbiting Dattmir, a blue-white dwarf star; it is littered with caverns and tunnel systems and most of the life there is either subterranean or nocturnal.

Improved nervous system: +5 to your Speed Pool.
Lucky devil: Once per day you may choose to roll two d20s instead of one for any task and take the better result.

Psionically inept: Difficulty of Intellect tasks involving psionics including defending against them are increased by two steps.
Short Steps: Difficulty of all tasks involving walking, running, and jumping is increased by one step.

Typical Female Names
Breema, Cami, Elma, Leega, Nali, Neema, Ora, Taali, Xela, Zaani

Typical Male Names
Armat, Belck, Fregg, Keeg, Neem, Orelck, Pimack, Sendeeg, Warg, Xel