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S4-A00 | Pregame Intro

You find yourselves in the domed city of Crux on the arid northern continent of the planet Finally. [– Galactic Atlas –] Finally is one of three inhabited planets in the star system named for it. It’s a barely habitable world in an insignificant cluster on the rimward edge of the Sagit Arm of the galaxy. How you got here is up to you but you haven’t been able to leave as Finally’s off-world transit schedule is notoriously unreliable and you don’t — or rather, you no longer — own your own ship.

For such a backwater, Crux has one thing going for it, an out-of-the-way watering hole known as The Dead End. It’s a dump for sure but the dolmyranth bartender and owner, Koarthis, makes the finest cocktails this side of Coregate. Something he says has to do with his personal code of honor. It’s a quiet evening at the bar, just you and the bartender. He sits lazily swiping through hyperweb newsfeeds between pouring the lot of you drinks…